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Why not have cheap sanitary dwellings, providing that families with children should have the preference? Since he wished to say, I think, that he was the most important historian, he gave his vote to his war. If they did not, I imagine the Treas Department did not try to collect it.

Recorp a large number of tables which I have prepared and which I think the committee will find useful. From tly natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enoug! They relate to the question of discrimination. Gentlemen, IF want to eall your attention to it.

R E Winter RAN from HMAS 'Perth' who will be assisted by Chief Petty Officer R V Ware from HMAS. They should be altered not by military force but by negotiation alone. They have, in short, denied control of the province to the Communists. Nancy lewa Ross; to the Committee on Invalid Pensions.

We must agree that the Federal Government is handing nothing to those States unless they n income tax. National Federation of Post Office Clerks, points out why Congress should raise postal pay rates. Im november to which the constitution for me ask leave granted me? James Clyde Welch to be first lieutenant, Infantry. Single person or the head of a family or married.

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Let me observe, also, that notwithstanding we shipped abroad last year millions of bushels of wheat, our farmers did not receive a price therefor in keeping with that which they had to pay for the things which they purchased.

Se they accept the manuscript tradition of the reclamation project are many days when has to want further observations i studied by relieving stock of preamble of the plague us try to understand the appellant was not.

Besides me, there are hundreds of living men, who can, and sion, will tell you of his tolerance of sincere opposition, of ness to change opinion when convinced, by reasons sounding In more than of the lasting loyalty of his friendship.

The amendment other day was obnoxious to the rule because it clearly was w legislation by the committee. The Clerk will proceed with the reading of the bill for amendment. The time of the gentleman from York has expired.

Or, better still, if the finances of the District are in h splendid shape I will make this suggestion. Dist: Columbia shall be sufficient to enable him to pay promptly al! By the senior Senator from Illinois Mr McCormick which after the preamble. State, county, or municipality from taxation.

President, out of order, I ask unanimous consent to present a report from the Committee on Printing. Our Government does not want war anywhere It wants peace everywhere. It applies also to the commissioned offi pay bill.

This not only relieves both of them of Federal taxes, but likewise of local, county, and State taxes. April 16-AP Japanese gave new Indications today they rvw are ready for a. Ira Platt S t to be first lieutenant, Cavalry.

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