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Heavy Duty Slurry Pump EMW.

As the Francis vane is more effective in energy conversion, it is used when efficiency is of prime concern, although the advantages are less clear cut with wide slurry impellers.

Therefore Plain vanes are used when pumping coarse particles. Rely on OEM experts because not all parts are created equal. This is not possible with split casing pumps. HM pump with a metal liner inside a cast steel casing. This email address is already registered with Scribd. Pumping a 100600 Pa yield stress clay slurry with a. We Having trouble gettingparts for your slurry pump?

There are also some time dependent non Newtonian fluids. Now pumping starts again and the trapped air is swept away. The Thomas Simplicity series of Dredge pumps. This is especially important with frothy slurries.

Cantilevershaftand made but usually crushed and head curve of various impeller vanes are no frothand hence actually pump draws too effective viscosity changes with all pump basic part type item no.

If there was no matching functions, do not try to downgrade. Slurry head and slurry efficiency are used to calculate power. No case feet required See datasheet on next page.

The bearing cylinder housing, shaft and impeller move back in order to close the impeller back clearance.

This results in non standard, long lead time and expensivespares: special throat bushes; special cover plates; special liners; special impellers.

Scavenger Cells where additional reagents may be added. Classification of pumps There are two main types of pumps used. Nursing Research: Principles and Methods, Edition.

Service The Krebs customer service philosophy is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to providing technical support, processing orders and maintaining parts availability.

Learn about us, our purpose, vision, business and strategy. The series consists of hard metal and rubber lined slurry pumps. HM with heavier duty case for higher pressure.

It is essential to try and reduce the froth factor as much as possible before it enters the pump as only then will the most efficient andreliable pumping system be encountered.

High efficiency transfer of abraisive and high density slurries with extended wear life and reliable service intervals.

China Tel: Chennai, India Tel: Johannesburg, South Africa Tel. The average life is approximately four times the life. Erosion This is the dominant wear in Slurry Pumps.

Extra Heavy Duty Slurry Pump range is designed for the most arduous pumping applications.

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At the impeller side the sealing surfaces are tungsten carbide against tungsten carbide and on the motor side carbon against ceramic.

Wear protection In a Slurry Pump the impeller and inside of the casing are always exposed to the slurry and have to be protected accordingly against wear.

Overhead mounting is generally the most economical and lifts the motor off the floor away from spillage.

First segment describes the relative pump or frame size of the part, second segment describes the part type, third segment describes the material of part.

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